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Located 5km West of Monmouth   ~   51:49:43N 02:47:44W   ~   Height:  77m AMSL

Where the following weather data has been recorded using a Davis Vantage Pro Weather-station since February 2002


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Past Weather Data & Statistics (monthly & annual)

Monmouth Town Rainfall (last month)

Rainfall Since 1929 (Excel file)

MetOffice 7 Day Forecast for The Hendre

Weather reported and uploaded by Cumulus - thanks to Sandaysoft



last, but certainly not least, some IMPORTANT information about

Monmouth Cuban Salsa

Monmouth Cuban Salsa Club   and our   2017 Christmas Party


For more information about salsa or The Hendre weather you can contact me at:  admin@thehendre.eu or call me on:  0779 424 7305

Last Updated: 7 November 2017