December 2018 Rainfall in Monmouth

December rainfall recorded at Cornwall House was 98.4 mm, slightly above the average for the month of 87.0 mm. The wettest day was the 21st with 21.0 mm of rain.

Total rainfall for 2018, the ninetieth year of rainfall recording at Cornwall House, was 815.2 mm, very close to the average of 813.7 mm. Despite very close to average rainfall for the year there were two extremes of monthly rainfall.

March with 151.2 mm of rain was the second wettest March on record, with more than two and a half times the average rainfall for the month. There were also three of the fifty wettest March days in the last ninety years.

June with only 4.3 mm of rain was the third driest June on record and the sixteenth driest for any month.

Happy New Year


Whilst in The Hendre...

there was 85.2mm of rain during December.  The wettest day was the 18th with... 18mm!

The total rainfall for 2018 was 702.7mm.  March was the wettest since recording began here in 2002 with 117mm and June, with 6mm, the driest.