Monmouth Rainfall for September 2018

September rainfall recorded at Cornwall House was 54.5 mm, a little below the average for the month of 65.4 mm. September rainfall has been below average for nine of the last ten years. The wettest day was the 20th with 25.1 mm of rain, nearly half of the total for the month. More than 90% of the month's rain fell on just three days, the 19th, 20th and 22nd.

Whilst at the Hendre...

there was 36mm of rain on the 20th, 0.6mm below the highest day's rain ever recorded here (on 29 June 2012)

(Note:  John's rainfall day is 9am - 9 am whereas at the Hendre it is midnight - midnight.  This accounts for the higher day's rainfall here).