Monmouth Rainfall for March 2018

March rain and snow fall recorded at Cornwall House was 151.2 mm. This was more than two and a half times the average for the month of 57.8 mm which makes it the second wettest March since records were started in 1929. There were five days of snow in March. The wettest day was the 30th with 22.2 mm of rain.

1947 was the wettest March on record at Cornwall house with 181.4 mm or rain. In that year the combination of heavy rain and thawing snow resulted in widespread flooding. It was also the wettest March since rainfall records were started in Britain in the 17th Century.

And at the Hendre...

118.8mm of rain was recorded in March of which 8mm was snowmelt.  The monthly average is 46.6mm.  The wettest day was on the 30th with 13mm.

55cm of snow was recorded at the Hendre which equals 55mm of rain when converted to equivalent rainfall, thus making the month's total 165.8mm.

Due to strong NE winds drifts exceeding 1.2m were recorded in the area.